Webster YMCA Habitat Restoration (Completed)

Habitat Restoration project at Webster YMCA

Webster Groves YMCA

 Project Title:  Naturalizing YMCA Grounds, Webster Groves YMCA
Project Coordinator:  Vaughn Meister, MMN, Great Rivers
Description:  Property at the rear of the WG YMCA has Japanese Honeysuckle and other Invasives.  I propose that we identify and remove the invasive shrubs and plants on the property, remove them in a way that will prevent regrowth.  We can then apply to Forest ReLeaf (http://www.moreleaf.org/planttrees_projectcommunitree.php) for free native shrubs and small trees that will enhance the natural flora and fauna for the area.  We will plant those native shrubs and periodically assure that the invasives do not return. 
As we complete the project I hope to put pictures and information about the invasive plants in the YMCA common areas, and use the site to teach the principles of naturescaping to Y participants and the local community. 
Participants in the project will be Missouri Master Naturalists of the Great Rivers Chapter as well as members of the Y Wednesday Walking Group

 Some support will be needed from the YMCA.  When we remove the honeysuckle shrubs getting rid of the significant amount of brush will be an issue that we will need to discuss.  We will also need the herbicide, glyphosate to use at 40%.

 Project stages:

  1. Walk the Y property with Bill Hoss and Y personnel to identify the invasive species and scope of project.

  2. Present project to YMCA personnel as needed.

  3. Get project approved in Great Rivers.

  4. Identify tools, materials, resources needed for project

  5. Schedule work days.

  6. Take before pictures.

  7. Notify neighbors of the Y of the project.

  8. Remove invasives.  Clean up property, amend as needed.

  9. Apply to Forest Releaf for native shrubs and small trees.

  10. Plant natives.

  11. Post signage

  12. Prepare posters, get literature, illustrating the naturescaping.


The plot was 120' by 30'. There were seven Great Rivers - Miissouri Master Naturalists and five member of the YMCA Walking Group that worked during the five project work days.

All of the honeysuckle removed and stumps treated in June 2013. When I went to see the YMCA in September to plan what to request from Forest Releaf. The YMCA however decided to put planting on hold until future use can be determined for the propert. There is a small independent school next door and the kids there have been playing on the property. The installation of natives will be revisited in next September 2014 to see if they would let us nt some natives. It was a blow to plan, as I had advertised in the Y about removing invasives and planting natives.